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Sunday, June 14, 2020

UAE Makes Israeli Political Recommendations

UAE & Israel Politics

Is this a joke ? the UAE ambassador to the US Yousef al Otaiba publishes a piece in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot to appeal to the Israeli public to stop annexation. W
ith statements like "it will undermine the progress of Arab acceptance for Israel". This is simply cloaked Arabs rejectionism of Israel, penetrating Jewish psych.

Just put aside your fears of world opinion for a moment and define those words. Essentially, we have to refrain from inheriting our land and securing our citizens on it, so as to appease the Arab world to maintain their pathetic faint ensemble of "acceptance" of Israel's existence which was only achieved through annexation to begin with.  

The so called acceptance of Israel was only achieved through strength to fight our unaccepted status. We only achieved acceptance by "annexing" Tel Aviv and surrounding land in 1948. If we hadn't, rest assured no Arab country would "progress to the acceptance of Israel". Sworn enemy countries of Israel who would remove us from the map at a blink of an eye if they could equally today as then, are making recommendations to our declared nationalism and Jews buy it. They might as well scream out "Don't declare Israel's Biblical land belonging to you. It's too truthful to bear". 

The Sykes-Picot Agreement in 1918 freely granted 99% of the Middle East lands to the Arab world who had no physical threat, no national aspirations, no biblical legitimacy, and all without a war.  In contrast the Jewish people succumbed to the world's failure to recognize our atrocities. Jews desperately clinging on to life in the aftermath of the holocaust, and as the only legitimate heirs to the lands of the Middle East, bleeding,  wounded and desperate, were denied a return in world eyes.

For those of us unafraid , aren't phased by Arab charades of Jewish nonacceptance. Our concern lies with the Jewish people weak of faith who foam at the mouth in belief of this. Jewish appeasement out of fear is a continued disaster that has caused untold atrocity of our Jewish plight. The Arab world without exception would never ever come to the plight of Jewish legitimacy for land in Israel if not for the Jewish strength that forcefully bent their arms to do so. And these are the voices you will listen to to shape Jewish thoughts and opinion of our own land legitimacy ?  The real fear that remains is the impression imprinted on the minds of our Jewish youth inexperienced with the horrors of pogroms and the holocaust and void of authentic Judaism. Our Jewish youth having their minds demented by the enemies themselves and further confused by the fearful Jew. If that doesn't make you cringe, then you're probably too steeped into the hellenized world yourself.

There are only 2 national failures without precedent. The golden calf and the rejection of the land of Israel. Both share the common denominator of lack of faith at a time of test. This is the truest fear. Jewish people who fear to be clearly distinctly Jewish and thus separate. So instead they bow and bend to avoid upsetting our enemies out of fear. The irony is, only fear of world opinion instead of fearing the crossing of G-d's commandments,  really undermines our nation and eventually results in the fear the faint of heart work so hard to avoid with their appeasements. 

No, the only correct response is strength and clarity of G-d's gift to the Jewish people of the whole land of Israel. It doesn't imply war or hatred. If as a result there is hatred on part of the enemies of  G-d's people, then squarely call it their fault. Quite honestly, the quicker we come to this truth, the better the world as a whole will be.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Knesset Medinat Yisrael vs. Anshei Knesset Yisrael - The Real Thing

Knesset Yisrael Medinat Yisrael
It hurts to say this. There are 2 modern Jews. The Israeli secular Jew that follow norms, statistics and dominate the Knesset of the Medina. They are a people like all other people struggling to figure out the abnormality of Anti-semitism and the world obsession with the Jewish people. These are Jews endlessly fighting the symptoms unable to see through to the cause.
Then there is Knesset Yisrael, Jews who realize God, The indivisibility of the Torah to it's people and it's consequences of not following it. A true god that is All Mighty and not in words alone. This is the Jew that does not fear to maintain true distinct Torah identity knowing only it - is the true guarantee against world threats. And in this light, there is no need to bow, prostrate and appease the gentile world when there is hostility towards the Jew. (refer to Torah sources of anti-semitism = G-d speaking to his people) There is only to reflect ones own people's status with our covenant, bow to G-d's will, and watch the enemies scatter and flee in all directions. This is when the Jew fills it's mission to a) recognize G-d b) Believe in God , and then show the gentile world these 2 concepts. This is  how we uphold our representation and hence are a light unto other nations
Most of history is one of the 2 paths above. You the reader can put history into proper perspective now given the above clarity. Unfortunately too often the painful way of falling into the "norms of society" giving way to the "Brit" (Covenant) has been the path taken. Have we learned ? No, for to learn, we must recognize what I've written above. Then we must act with faith to blaze the apparent giving way for the truth. By definition it will seem hard and against the flow of the world, but that precisely is the purpose and mission. Herein, also lies the fruits and rewards in the aftermath.

A description of a false premise one way or the other remains a false premise. There is no Palestinian people and a Palestinian state is not what is being sought after it. The more this concept is drilled, the more Israel (the weaker party) keeps bowing and bending to a pretzel, and the more the US easily bends the softer side (Israel). In the meantime, the Arab become emboldened, kidnapping Soldiers, returning soldiers in body bags, continuing attempted terrorism, declaring Hamas as a political force, self declaring a state etc..
Only delirious Jews who can only stomach norms and statistics over Torah and our brit will continue this charade. Only assimilated Jews will rest their future on Obama's words or any other Goy. These Jews cause more un-explained results against their own expectations. The Arab and the Gentile world's hate of the Jew grows with their every step. Generation after generation becomes more confused and disheartened. This in turn, produces endless self centered politicians lacking an understanding of our homeland even after our Jewish history and the holocaust. Future catastrophes for the same reason will ensue.  This will continue until we have nothing more to give and all our existence to lose. And then, only then the foolish Jew will see the hard way after taking with them so many more korbanot sacrificed on the alter of disbeleif. 

The poor Jews who never learned this lesson. The poor Jews afraid to be distinct. Herein, lies the tragedy of Today and the missed lessons of history. 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Israel

I know many leftists are upset since requesting recognition of Israel and security are ‘unreasonable demands’. This is absolute nonsense. No country would sit at such a meeting, so why do the leftists demand it ?

Netanyahu's address to the nation in July of 2009 mentioned the need for honest assessment and had touched a few points, yet omitted some fundamental truths.
A) The Jordanian Arabs created “a Palestinian people’ only recently in history with the real objective beyond any national declaration was always and still the removal of Israel.
B) Displacement of Jews have been more prominent in recent history than those of the Arabs, so while we adapted to change they swore not to.
C) We the Jewish people made it so comfortable for Israeli Arabs and the ‘new Palestinian people’ to declare, demand, represent themselves politically that their demands continue to grow while we quickly find ourselves ‘trapped’ to a previously undreamt commitment our ancestors would have never accepted.

Biblically we were commanded to inherit this land and drive off the inhabitants. There are 22 Arab states with more vast land reserves that make it an obvious solution. The Arab world allows no free speech, nor fair political representation (as the hoax recently shown in Iran) and so as the path of least resistance the Arabs demand Israel. Well of course, wouldn’t you ? So, the error in history that continues is the capitulation to declare the land of Yehudah Veshomron as Israel proper and wipe away the fear of Arab takeover by simply removing Arab political rights yet allowing all other rights. If they want political representation let them demand it from any of their 22 Arab state brethren. This is in line with our constitution and more importantly with our Bible. Bibi had a chance to declare The Likud Constitution which states (Chapter 2: Objectives) Preserving the right of the Jewish Nation to the Land of Israel as an eternal, inalienable right, perseverance in the settlement and development of all parts of the Land of Israel and implementation of the State's sovereignty on them. He failed to do this and begin the process of swaying back our leftist population to normality with a return to Jewish identity pride. I recall personally when Natan Sharansky visited Ra'anana months ago, and clearly revealed that it was we the Israelis who put the Palestinian Statehood 'bug' in the ears of Washington - then Pres. Bush.

On the surface, Netanyahu truly connects to the source of our Judaism and Land of Israel and shows care and compassion, and although he sounds bold declaring what most cannot, at the end he cannot 'tip the scale' and say the most obvious - there shall not be a Arab state in Israel. He too wrote this in his book debunking fictious Palestine, yet to maintain popularity states otherwise. Now once you bend the truth a little it gets progressively harder to get back on track and state the real harsh truth. And so the people are inspired compared to previous empty Jewish leaders but in reality this is our "Right" of Israel in action which isn't really right at all.

It is said, our leaders are a reflection of our society. Bibi is the best available that our generation at this time can produce and really a part of the previous generation. Yet even he can't get near to stating "No Palestine", can't wear a Kippah, and continues to bend to foreign demands as if G_d is not the strength and guidance of all humanity but rather the USA.

Bibi, I hope you will realize this and slowly change the tide once again reversing the terrible damage done by Labour and Kadima which in essence created the notion of a “Palestinian people” in “Palestine” that never existed. It has demoralized our people continuing to run after empty leaders and ideals rather than trusting as absurd as it might sound to the world, that Israel is solely the land of the Jewish people. There is no room for a 5th column. Ironically, we must be grateful they hate us, for if not, we would have the same assimilation rate and loss of our Jewish people as the Diaspora enjoys from their silent holocaust.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Battle Over The Identity Of Eretz Yisrael By: Tzafrir Ronen

Tsafrir Ronen is a member of the secular Kibbutz Ein Harod. He is a media personality, serves in the elite army unit Sayeret Matkal and was one of the founders of the Nahalal Forum on Behalf of the Entire Eretz Yisrael.

The historic significance of the rise of settlements since the beginning of Zionism has been not just to restore the Jewish people to Eretz Yisrael, but chiefly to reinstate the Hebrew identify of Eretz Yisrael.

The pioneers who transformed Um Juni to Degania, the first kibbutz in the Holy Land (1910), restored its Hebrew identity. With that act, a parcel of our homeland was conquered. The work brigade that transformed “Ein Jalud” to Ein Harod (1921) restored the Biblical identity from Gidon’s days to the valley. The same goes for the transformation of the hills of “Abu Shusha” to Mishmar HaEmek, and the transformation of “Ja’uni” to “Gai-Oni” (Valley of My Strength), and then to Rosh Pina. Every settlement restored to every abandoned spot in the Land its Biblical, Hebrew identity.

The establishment of Elon Moreh renewed the Israeli identity of Elon Moreh.

The recent fight in Hebron over Jewish settlement in part of Hebron’s Jewish Quarter where Arab squatters had set up a marketplace was not just over the rights of two families. The pioneers of Jewish Hebron understand that this battle is over Hebron’s identity. If Hebron is populated by Jews, Hebron’s identity will be Jewish, and if there are only Arabs in Hebron, then even Hebron’s name will be abandoned in favor of “Al Halil,” the Arabic name. The Left wants an Arabic identity for Hebron. Their hatred for settlement is hatred for the idea of linking Eretz Yisrael and the Jewish people. That is the whole story.

Yet not just Hebron is involved. The Left also does not want any of Judea and Samaria to have a Jewish identity. Their friends in the media continue to label the heart of Eretz Yisrael by foreign names given to it by our people’s enemies, such as “Palestine,” the “West Bank,” the “territories,” and the “occupation.” They’ll call the land of the Bible by every possible name, just not the only name that restores a Jewish identity to our land – Judea and Samaria. The meaning of the name “Judea” is that this is the land of the Jews, and Eretz Yisrael means that this is the land of Yisrael – just as Eire-land is the land of the Eires, Eng-land is the land of the English, and Fin-land is the land of the Finns. They cannot be occupiers of a land named after them. A land’s identity is like the identity of the people inhabiting it. The people of Israel cannot be considered occupiers of the Land of Israel.

Had there been no renewed settlement in Shiloh, Beit El and Elon Moreh, these would have remained abstract Biblical names, in the realm of legend. Settlement created the Land’s identity anew. Settlement restored to these areas their true names, and removed from the Arabic conqueror the false Arabic names. Shiloh recreated Biblical Shiloh. If Judea and Samaria are ever abandoned, they won’t just be abandoned physically but in terms of their identity.

Once more, on all the world’s maps, Eretz Yisrael will no longer be called Eretz Yisrael or Israel, but something else. Surely, until 1967, Judea and Samaria were called “the West Bank of the Kingdom of Jordan.” Israel’s military victory over Jordan restored to them their true Biblical name. If Israel abandons them, the enemy will not call them by their Hebrew name, but by their counterfeit name, Palestine, a name artificially created by the Emperor Hadrian when he subdued the Bar Kochba revolt in his longing to destroy the Jewish identify of Judea.

Hadrian’s curse failed. The name Palestine was abandoned entirely over the years. Already the Crusaders called the land “the Kingdom of Jerusalem.” The Arabic conquest didn’t call the Land by any name whatsoever. It was just Southern Syria. For 1300 years the land lacked any identity, and lacked any people that identified with the Land – except for our people. The anti-Semitic British, halting aliyah and settlement by way of their White Paper, understood what the anti-Semites in our midst understand: settlement restores Jewish identity to the Land.

Every outpost carrying a Hebrew name transforms another section of the Land to Hebrew. The battle is not one of tanks or jets. The battle today is the most decisive battle ever. It is a battle over the identity of the Land. Will the Land carry a counterfeit Arabic or pagan identity, a forged name from the Emperor Hadrian? Or will it have an Israelite, Biblical identity – the true identity of the Land.

Only settlement will restore to the Land its Israeli identity. The Arabs demand that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert hand over to them the Land, empty of Jews. As long as there are Jews in Judea, it will be impossible to call it by its counterfeit propaganda name – Palestine. The only thing stopping this government from handing over Eretz Yisrael to the enemy is their inability to destroy Jewish settlement, which meanwhile is stopping the wheels of destruction in Judea. The construction of hundreds of new outposts is the only guarantee that the identity of Eretz Yisrael will be preserved.

The desire to destroy settlements is the desire to destroy the identity of Eretz Yisrael – the land of the people of Israel.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


written in 1980, published in 1981
Excerpts from chapter titled: “Separation –Only Separation"o
The Six-Day war of 1967 - what a divine, golden opportunity! What a disastrous failure to seize it!
They poured across the ancient lands - theirs. The children of Israel. The soldiers, children of a generation that went to the gas chambers, a thing the Gentile had come to equate with the Jews. Now they burst across the ground from which, just days earlier, the Arabs had boasted of the coming slaughter. The trap, the iron noose, which the Arabs had built around the Jewish state in May 1967 was shattered. “The trap is broken, and we have escaped!” (Psalms 123).
Across the land – theirs – they poured. Judea, and its hills! Bethlehem, where David was born and where for two millennia Rachel stood weeping for the sons and daughters who now returned. Hebron, where the fathers and mothers of the nation lived and are buried. Samaria, with Shechem and Bet El and Shilo and Jericho and Gigal and the ten tribes and Elijah and Hosea and – history. Gaza, where Samson smashed the Philistines….And now, the children had returned, incredibly, swiftly, mightily, to free the land from the trespassers, to redeem the stolen homeland.
What an opportunity! The Messiah knocked and history smiled and they touched fingers with their ancestors. Now, now was the opportunity to rid the land of those who a bare forty-eight hours earlier had danced in an orgy of Jew hatred, vowing to do unto Jewish men what they had done – partly – in the decades past and to inflict on Jewish women the horrors of which they were so capable. Now, now as the moment whose time had come. Now.
How the Arabs expected to be slaughtered! How they knew what they would have done if the roles were reversed! In Hebron white flags flew from every window as the inhabitants shook in terror, remembering 1929. The sixty-seven murdered Jews rested heavily on their heads as they waited for Jewish vengeance….
No, the Israeli soldiers did not slaughter them – and how they expected it! And how they would have fallen and kissed the soldiers’ boots had they been told: “You know what you deserve. You know what you did and what we should do to you. You know what you would have done in our place. But we are not you: we are Jews, and we give you a chance to live. You have forty-eight hours to take all that you can and cross the Jordan. Out! They would have kissed Jewish feet and fled.
Israel would have been free of them, and the ugly world that just days earlier had waited in expectation and anticipation of Jewish tragedy would have remained silent, so thunderstruck was it at the miracle of the Six-Day War! And Israel would have been free of the cancer, the terrible specter of 800,000 more Jew haters. And Jews could have settled the length and breath of the land, and we could have brought the redemption that much closer….
But no, the gentilized and the Hellenists – whose terror of man is an article of faith replacing awe and faith in G-d – fled from greatness. It was the same fear of the world reaction that saw orders given not to shell the Old City lest Christian and Muslim holy places be damaged. Jewish soldiers had to pick their way through the narrow streets and alleyways. Dozens were killed by sniper fire – all needlessly, all murdered by Arab bullets and Jewish timidity.
The Arabs were neither killed nor driven from Hebron. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, one of the architects of the Jewish disaster, raced to the city to assure the Muslim Khadi (“priest”) that the cave of Machpela would remain in Muslim hands. The cave in which are buried Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah, and which had been barred for centuries to Jews, now would continue to be a Muslim site. Hebron would remain Arab, thanks to Dayan.
It was the policy of a man who opposed attacking the Golan Heights for fear that the Soviet allies of Syria would intervene. It was the fear of a man who not only refused to expel the Arabs, but forcibly returned those who had already fled! The Arab village of Kalkilya, which touches Kfar Saba, was for years one of the most vicious nests of terrorists. Regularly, the vipers would slither from Kalkilya to murder Jews. For years, Jews watched with gritted teeth and waited for the day…
In 1967 it came. The populace fled in panic. Thousands abandoned their village and swarmed eastward to the Jordan. Dayan ordered paratroopers to catch them and bring them back – lest the world think that Israel was preparing a new wave of refuges. Heaven forbid!o
The miracle came and was rejected. The gold was turned by reverse alchemy into dross. Rather then being free of 800,000 enemies, the Jews allowed them to remain – them and their endless number of children. They drain us of our money, kill our children, and steal our land. In 1967 Muadi Abu-Minsha feared a slaughter. In 1975 he said: “Israel has no choice….I think the whole world recognizes the justice of the Palestinians… Arafat’s plan is a good one and I think Israel should adopt it.”
History will never forgive Israel its failure of nerve and fear of world opinion. The nation as a whole is already paying the price.
The question is not how can we remove the Arabs, but rather how can we not? To do nothing is the simplest and most simplistic policy. It will certainly spare this government, and perhaps the next both the agony of having to take the bold and excruciating step and the price of not taking it. The deluge, the flood will not come tomorrow. But come it certainly will, and sooner than we think. This generation already feels the first searing heat that will become the terrible flood of fire. No, the question is: How can we possibly sit and not rid ourselves of the Arabs who seek to destroy us from within? What inexplicable loss of national preservation, will, and sanity makes the Jews of Israel hesitate to save themselves?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Yehiel Leiter of Likud Visits Ra'anana

I would like to thank you for taking the time out to address Ra'anana last night. I did have a few questions that I would like to ask you and copy the Likud party as well. Let me begin..
1) The Arab facts.
a. Relatively speaking Israeli Arabs don't contribute back to the economy as the Jews so aren't they a huge economical drain? (Imagine if we saved expenses on Arab towns, security walls, additional army resources within Israel, technology against kassams etc..)
b. You mentioned Bibi cut childcare allowances because of the Beduins. But doesn't this inadvertently hurt the incentive for large Jewish families which is what we need and want. Why not tackle the issue head on to remove the Arabs and hence the coffers grow as does our security and definition as a people ?
You Spoke about principles.
2) Why not an all Jewish State ? Isn't that what we came to Israel for, to maintain our Judaism as a nation.
a. Why hasn't the Likud spearheaded the argument of Avigdor Lieberman to remove the Arabs from Knesset. This is an issue well overdue and glaring straight at us.
b. Why has the Likud under Bibi launched a lawsuit with the Supreme court to rule a Jewish state "racist" by the Kach party in fear of losing votes rather than keeping to principle. If Jabotinsky were alive I believe in 1990 he would have chose to lead the Kach party and not the Likud. He was a man of unwavering principles.
c. Why do we lean on low statistical numbers to mock Moshe Feiglin rather than respond to the issues of differences head on. His main campaign is not "Emuni" it's bringing Judaism back to a Jewish state. It's returning to our source. How else would you define a Jew? Wouldn't a true leader mend and unite this small faction within the Likud and work together ? (Feiglin approached Bibi to shake hands and congratulate his party leadership and was dissented. Would Jabo do the same with a foe let alone a party member ?)
d. Our dismal educational system requires injected life. But what else could possibly spur it than a genuine awakening of belief and spirit of Judaism that we've forsaken from our forefathers? Why else be in Israel. Isn't it Gods promise for Centuries of success in the land if we only followed his statutes ?
e. Our people are confused & tired of politics leading nowhere but how can we lead the Jewish people to anything worthwhile when we ourselves do not show Judaism as distinct and lofty as it should be. Perhaps to wear a kippah and keep Shabbat as a bare minimum within the party. Why not ? Are we afraid to show our Judaism for what they might say?
You may respond that these are unpopular sta to the stances toward the masses and hence a fear to state them outright. Nonsense, if you’re a principled party as claimed, and believes in this truth (if you indeed do) then ultimately it will prevail and only it will prevail for falsehood always falls at the end. If we saw the amazing miracles of 48, 67, the revival of ancient Hebrew, a flourishing state under war, etc.. why is it suddenly a leap of faith to run against the current despite how far reaching it seems. In the spirit of Jabotinsky (the basis of the Likud) – if you are sure your way is right – do it and it will be your way". In short, from whence will our salvation come – Washington or the God of Israel. If history has anything to say, the cards are stacked against the first.
I appreciate your time to respond even in very brief to my questions above.
Thank You
Yehoshua Pinto

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