Sunday, June 14, 2020

UAE Makes Israeli Political Recommendations

UAE & Israel Politics

Is this a joke ? the UAE ambassador to the US Yousef al Otaiba publishes a piece in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot to appeal to the Israeli public to stop annexation. W
ith statements like "it will undermine the progress of Arab acceptance for Israel". This is simply cloaked Arabs rejectionism of Israel, penetrating Jewish psych.

Just put aside your fears of world opinion for a moment and define those words. Essentially, we have to refrain from inheriting our land and securing our citizens on it, so as to appease the Arab world to maintain their pathetic faint ensemble of "acceptance" of Israel's existence which was only achieved through annexation to begin with.  

The so called acceptance of Israel was only achieved through strength to fight our unaccepted status. We only achieved acceptance by "annexing" Tel Aviv and surrounding land in 1948. If we hadn't, rest assured no Arab country would "progress to the acceptance of Israel". Sworn enemy countries of Israel who would remove us from the map at a blink of an eye if they could equally today as then, are making recommendations to our declared nationalism and Jews buy it. They might as well scream out "Don't declare Israel's Biblical land belonging to you. It's too truthful to bear". 

The Sykes-Picot Agreement in 1918 freely granted 99% of the Middle East lands to the Arab world who had no physical threat, no national aspirations, no biblical legitimacy, and all without a war.  In contrast the Jewish people succumbed to the world's failure to recognize our atrocities. Jews desperately clinging on to life in the aftermath of the holocaust, and as the only legitimate heirs to the lands of the Middle East, bleeding,  wounded and desperate, were denied a return in world eyes.

For those of us unafraid , aren't phased by Arab charades of Jewish nonacceptance. Our concern lies with the Jewish people weak of faith who foam at the mouth in belief of this. Jewish appeasement out of fear is a continued disaster that has caused untold atrocity of our Jewish plight. The Arab world without exception would never ever come to the plight of Jewish legitimacy for land in Israel if not for the Jewish strength that forcefully bent their arms to do so. And these are the voices you will listen to to shape Jewish thoughts and opinion of our own land legitimacy ?  The real fear that remains is the impression imprinted on the minds of our Jewish youth inexperienced with the horrors of pogroms and the holocaust and void of authentic Judaism. Our Jewish youth having their minds demented by the enemies themselves and further confused by the fearful Jew. If that doesn't make you cringe, then you're probably too steeped into the hellenized world yourself.

There are only 2 national failures without precedent. The golden calf and the rejection of the land of Israel. Both share the common denominator of lack of faith at a time of test. This is the truest fear. Jewish people who fear to be clearly distinctly Jewish and thus separate. So instead they bow and bend to avoid upsetting our enemies out of fear. The irony is, only fear of world opinion instead of fearing the crossing of G-d's commandments,  really undermines our nation and eventually results in the fear the faint of heart work so hard to avoid with their appeasements. 

No, the only correct response is strength and clarity of G-d's gift to the Jewish people of the whole land of Israel. It doesn't imply war or hatred. If as a result there is hatred on part of the enemies of  G-d's people, then squarely call it their fault. Quite honestly, the quicker we come to this truth, the better the world as a whole will be.

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