Friday, May 27, 2011

Knesset Medinat Yisrael vs. Anshei Knesset Yisrael - The Real Thing

Knesset Yisrael Medinat Yisrael
It hurts to say this. There are 2 modern Jews. The Israeli secular Jew that follow norms, statistics and dominate the Knesset of the Medina. They are a people like all other people struggling to figure out the abnormality of Anti-semitism and the world obsession with the Jewish people. These are Jews endlessly fighting the symptoms unable to see through to the cause.
Then there is Knesset Yisrael, Jews who realize God, The indivisibility of the Torah to it's people and it's consequences of not following it. A true god that is All Mighty and not in words alone. This is the Jew that does not fear to maintain true distinct Torah identity knowing only it - is the true guarantee against world threats. And in this light, there is no need to bow, prostrate and appease the gentile world when there is hostility towards the Jew. (refer to Torah sources of anti-semitism = G-d speaking to his people) There is only to reflect ones own people's status with our covenant, bow to G-d's will, and watch the enemies scatter and flee in all directions. This is when the Jew fills it's mission to a) recognize G-d b) Believe in God , and then show the gentile world these 2 concepts. This is  how we uphold our representation and hence are a light unto other nations
Most of history is one of the 2 paths above. You the reader can put history into proper perspective now given the above clarity. Unfortunately too often the painful way of falling into the "norms of society" giving way to the "Brit" (Covenant) has been the path taken. Have we learned ? No, for to learn, we must recognize what I've written above. Then we must act with faith to blaze the apparent giving way for the truth. By definition it will seem hard and against the flow of the world, but that precisely is the purpose and mission. Herein, also lies the fruits and rewards in the aftermath.

A description of a false premise one way or the other remains a false premise. There is no Palestinian people and a Palestinian state is not what is being sought after it. The more this concept is drilled, the more Israel (the weaker party) keeps bowing and bending to a pretzel, and the more the US easily bends the softer side (Israel). In the meantime, the Arab become emboldened, kidnapping Soldiers, returning soldiers in body bags, continuing attempted terrorism, declaring Hamas as a political force, self declaring a state etc..
Only delirious Jews who can only stomach norms and statistics over Torah and our brit will continue this charade. Only assimilated Jews will rest their future on Obama's words or any other Goy. These Jews cause more un-explained results against their own expectations. The Arab and the Gentile world's hate of the Jew grows with their every step. Generation after generation becomes more confused and disheartened. This in turn, produces endless self centered politicians lacking an understanding of our homeland even after our Jewish history and the holocaust. Future catastrophes for the same reason will ensue.  This will continue until we have nothing more to give and all our existence to lose. And then, only then the foolish Jew will see the hard way after taking with them so many more korbanot sacrificed on the alter of disbeleif. 

The poor Jews who never learned this lesson. The poor Jews afraid to be distinct. Herein, lies the tragedy of Today and the missed lessons of history. 

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