Friday, December 25, 2009

A Chronic Fear in Israel

Yesterday 12/24/09 a father of seven Rabbi Meir Chai was killed in a drive by shooting attack near Shavei Shomron. Israeli Police dumbfounded by the several bullet holes riddling the car. His provocation: being a Jew. In March, two Jewish traffic policemen Yehezkel Ramazreger and David Rabinovitch were shot dead in the Jordan Valley. Their Crime: being Jewish. In April, 13 year old Shlomo Nativ was stabbed to death near his home in Bat Ayin. His crime: being a Jewish boy. These my friends are a taste of sacrifices of Jewish blood despite a NIS 2 Billion s spent on a security fence to keep them out, $50 million budget allocated to protecting settlements and NIS 50 billion national security budget to stave off the terrorism. All the while the poor in Israel go hungry and the tension rises to meet the 46% tax rate for an average salary earned in the US. The outrage continues. Does the average Jew know there are NIS 2 Million given to construct and renovate Arab Mosques in Israel. A proposed NIS 157 Million (a raise from 85 in 2009) for exclusive Arab construction in the land of Israel. A request to open a staggering 9,300 Arab classrooms while all of Israel's classroom budget is 2,850 in the next 2 years. Jews struggle to increase the level of education success among Arabs whom drastically bring down national levels. The outrage continues as Israel bows in sacrificing Jewish well being for Arabs. Arab tax collection rate is approx 20% compared to 65% in Jewish areas. The Arab Council of Municipalities - reports Haj "82% of Arab municipalities in Israel are ranked 1 -3 on a scale of 10 socioeconomically. The Israeli Ministry of Finance in 2010 dedicated an investment fund coming out of the PM's office dedicated to Arab businesses in Arab localities. The Israel Ministry of Trade plan 470 new Arab daycare centres in Arab cities to keep up with exploding Arab children population. All the while emboldened demands for a guarantee that Arab localities be included in Israel's priority map. Is this the Jewish state we escaped the Gentile Pogroms, Arab Massacres, and Nazi Holocaust for? Have we forgotten that while Jews contributed extraordinarily to every Gentile country, we were persecuted, expelled and killed. Now we the Jewish people remnants of the souls of Jewish persecution bow and acquiesce to Arab hostile takeover and Jewish sovereignty in the heartland of Israel Judea and Samaria. Emboldening, empowering and financing our enemies within to stay and grow at our expense and god forbid with their goal of our demise. Is it no wonder our Jewish youth are so confused ? Not because a key checkpoint was removed a week ago near Shavei Shomron did this occur, for that is only a symptom of a much larger ailment. Our ailment - we are scared to remove the Arabs from Israel. We the Jews are doing the most unnatural thing. Not only are we supporting and buttressing the next generation of enemies with education to fight us in the intellectual and political realm as we see in Haifa and other universities across the country, but that we are forcing them up to Jewish standards and forced assimilation rather than their natural integration with their Arab brothers in Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and a host of other Arab countries occupying 99% of the Middle East. Of course, if I were Arab, I would keep this hush and enjoy the bounty of hard work and sacrifice the Jews are affording Arabs in Israel unmatched by any Arab fellow country. This in light of historical facts that clearly wash away the hoax of a created "Palestinian people". The propaganda has worked so well even that even Jews of this generation believe it. What then can our youth the next generation believe in? Let us end this and quickly. Today's incident of Rabbi Meir Chai's loss of Life shot by another Arab is meant to invoke our outrage. I call upon the Jews of Judea and Samaria - Jews of all of Israel to go out and protest our outrageous government policies towards Arabs and demand the deportation of Arabs from Israel back to their Arab lands and end this charade.


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Taharat Hamishpacha is important to the jewish people

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