Monday, June 15, 2009

Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Israel

I know many leftists are upset since requesting recognition of Israel and security are ‘unreasonable demands’. This is absolute nonsense. No country would sit at such a meeting, so why do the leftists demand it ?

Netanyahu's address to the nation in July of 2009 mentioned the need for honest assessment and had touched a few points, yet omitted some fundamental truths.
A) The Jordanian Arabs created “a Palestinian people’ only recently in history with the real objective beyond any national declaration was always and still the removal of Israel.
B) Displacement of Jews have been more prominent in recent history than those of the Arabs, so while we adapted to change they swore not to.
C) We the Jewish people made it so comfortable for Israeli Arabs and the ‘new Palestinian people’ to declare, demand, represent themselves politically that their demands continue to grow while we quickly find ourselves ‘trapped’ to a previously undreamt commitment our ancestors would have never accepted.

Biblically we were commanded to inherit this land and drive off the inhabitants. There are 22 Arab states with more vast land reserves that make it an obvious solution. The Arab world allows no free speech, nor fair political representation (as the hoax recently shown in Iran) and so as the path of least resistance the Arabs demand Israel. Well of course, wouldn’t you ? So, the error in history that continues is the capitulation to declare the land of Yehudah Veshomron as Israel proper and wipe away the fear of Arab takeover by simply removing Arab political rights yet allowing all other rights. If they want political representation let them demand it from any of their 22 Arab state brethren. This is in line with our constitution and more importantly with our Bible. Bibi had a chance to declare The Likud Constitution which states (Chapter 2: Objectives) Preserving the right of the Jewish Nation to the Land of Israel as an eternal, inalienable right, perseverance in the settlement and development of all parts of the Land of Israel and implementation of the State's sovereignty on them. He failed to do this and begin the process of swaying back our leftist population to normality with a return to Jewish identity pride. I recall personally when Natan Sharansky visited Ra'anana months ago, and clearly revealed that it was we the Israelis who put the Palestinian Statehood 'bug' in the ears of Washington - then Pres. Bush.

On the surface, Netanyahu truly connects to the source of our Judaism and Land of Israel and shows care and compassion, and although he sounds bold declaring what most cannot, at the end he cannot 'tip the scale' and say the most obvious - there shall not be a Arab state in Israel. He too wrote this in his book debunking fictious Palestine, yet to maintain popularity states otherwise. Now once you bend the truth a little it gets progressively harder to get back on track and state the real harsh truth. And so the people are inspired compared to previous empty Jewish leaders but in reality this is our "Right" of Israel in action which isn't really right at all.

It is said, our leaders are a reflection of our society. Bibi is the best available that our generation at this time can produce and really a part of the previous generation. Yet even he can't get near to stating "No Palestine", can't wear a Kippah, and continues to bend to foreign demands as if G_d is not the strength and guidance of all humanity but rather the USA.

Bibi, I hope you will realize this and slowly change the tide once again reversing the terrible damage done by Labour and Kadima which in essence created the notion of a “Palestinian people” in “Palestine” that never existed. It has demoralized our people continuing to run after empty leaders and ideals rather than trusting as absurd as it might sound to the world, that Israel is solely the land of the Jewish people. There is no room for a 5th column. Ironically, we must be grateful they hate us, for if not, we would have the same assimilation rate and loss of our Jewish people as the Diaspora enjoys from their silent holocaust.

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