Friday, March 28, 2008

A Voice Repressed in Israel

There are no less than 3 Arab parties sitting at the helm of our Jewish parliamant "Hadash" led by Mohammad Barakeh, "National Democratic Assembly" led by Jamal Zahalka and "Ra'am Ta'al" (Arab Movement for Renewal) led by Talab El-Sana. In the course of Israeli history there have been mind boggling so called Jews whom formed a party to bolster Arabs and remove any trace of Judaism from Israel - they call themselves "Meretz Yahad" led today by Zahava Gal-On with no less than 5 seats . Previous's Knesset also showcased 2"Shinui" parties, "Secular Faction" , and a host of others. While there are religious parties they have all effectively been neutered and today not one can stand for an all Jewish state a large group of Jews aspire and have been as prescribed by the Torah for 3000 years. These parties deem to represent Torah, yet they fold to it's most basic precept. Exclusive dominion of Jews in the land of Israel. (View Torah, Book of Joshua, Maimonides etc..) A Jewish state without interference and without melting of societies has been effectively outlawed by the Israeli Supreme Court in 1988. The first and only party led by an esteemed and genious Rabbi Meir Kahane clearly delineated the sources and single handidly out debated any other false created notion built up over the years of exile and assimilation. His party for fear of power was quickly outlawed for embracing this all Jewish concept proven by Maimonides, The Prophets, and Torah. The same year we saw Arab parties indicted and released freely to voice an outright rejection of the jewish state with it's sole purpose of Arab priorities and even outright treason and plotting with enemies against the state

Certainly the ruling Labour and Kadima parties in power have no intentions of an all Jewish homeland. Their platform is to embrace the arabs in a united melting pot of Jews and Arabs washing away any distinctiveness the Jewish people may possess. Intermarriage with Arabs are welcome and encouraged - a holocaust, world jewry is presently suffering worldwide while it's inate instinct calls for aliyah to the jewish homeland less than 1% make aliyah. Ghaleb Majadle is a top ranking Arab official, Science and Technology, Culture and Sport Minister opposses a change in current administration. Why ? well the Arab sector is the 2nd largest sector in the Labor Party ! Does it matter if the administration is the poorest Israel has ever seen. Of course not, the Arab agenda is not the Israel agenda. Obvious. Yes of course. On Who are those making aliyah - Labour / Kadima embracers ? Obviously not, those are with Olmert's son living in exile by choice and showing example. It is those who embrace Torah honestly, and cannot help to wonder why their Rabbi's stay.

A Jew who beleives that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people as per his Torah his ancestors lived by for 3000 years has no one in the Jewish homeland government to vote for. Sounds ironic ? It certainly is.

Why can't we have a Jewish Democracy. Yes, it excludes Arab enemies, and don't be fooled to think they are or ever were loyal to the Jewish state and it's homeland to the Jews. Does America have an Arab party - why not , there are 3.5 million Arabs in America more than all the Arabs in Israel. Not only a party, but one that doesn't beleive in America but Arab independence and autonomy in America. Such a thing is unheard of because it wouldn't be offered a platform to even begin. Yet no one dare say it is less of a democracy. In fact, it is heralded the democracy par excellence. So why the unheard of double standard -self imposed by folding and cowardly Jews in Israel. More so, Israel has the best defence and understanding being outwardly attaked since it's inception and before by all Arabs those in Jordan and beyond. Yet we fail to stand up and be proud Jews rather choose to be a product of downtrodden exile mentality.

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