Friday, March 28, 2008

Short Response to the Jerusalem Conference 2008

To the Jerusalem Conference
It is clear from the outcome of this meeting most are quite impressed by the Professors words as front video on the webpage. It's important to bring out, that there is a clear false conclusion on some points. Yet on a single point it requires immediate response. Glaringly it is, the deterioration of military technological edge as the factor causing the losses of war. Example used is 1967 vs. 1973 wars and Lebanon onwards.

One need not be religious to answer as follows.
a) Do not remove the factor of godliness 100% in every event. Surely there must be some validity to a God who has promised this land to a people for 3000 years and the miracles seen on the battlefield in 48, 67 and onwards should not be discounted at all let alone to nil. Incidentally, the Torah clearly states that when success comes do not discount the living god and commit the victories to your own strength. This happens to be the major chastisement to the Jewish people throughout the bible and it's hold is well and alive in the ranks of government and university as shown at the Jerusalem conference.
b) One must not discount the weakness of Israeli government that bowed to American pressure not to respond in accordance with Israeli will and sense. Essentially substituting the God of Israel with the God of Washington.

These to a thinking individual who is even weak in belief but ponders the details and facts must be the essential reasons of failure. We are in full force to repeat the same historic mistakes as they are not acknowledged at all. How can they be then corrected? This is most frightening.

Your comments most welcomed.

Best Wishes
Yehoshua Pinto

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