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HaRav Yehuda Kreuser SHLIT"A, Rosh YeshivaPARSHAT NITZAVIM27 Elul 5768/26-27 September 2008
So many of us for so long have been sitting around waiting for that one sign to come and tell us that the time has arrived. So many of us for so long have been waiting, that we have long forgotten what we are waiting for. Is it for that comforting voice of the pilot telling us: Shalom and welcome to El Al flight 001 this is Captain Menachem Ben David and I'm taking you home. Are we waiting for the phone to ring its last ring and tell us: Hi, this is Shiloh Ben David, your travel agent. I've just booked you on Continental Flight 20. But whatever it is that we are waiting for, one thing is certain: We are doing just that - waiting and waiting and waiting. This though, is nothing new for the Jew.
In this week's parsha we are told: Then Hashem, your G-d will return your captivity and have mercy upon you, and He will gather you in from all the peoples to where Hashem, your G-d has scattered you. What exciting news, here the Torah is telling us that when the time comes for Redemption, Hashem Himself will come and gather His people homeward. Sounds great, but how is this to come about?
Rashi comments that so great is the day of the ingathering of the exiles, it will come about with much difficulty, as if He Himself (G-d) must actually hold each and every Jew with His hands to take him from his place in the exile in order to return him to his Land. But why should this be so? Surely, the Jew in exile - out of his Land - was waiting impatiently to return to his Land, and at the first opportunity, when the sign would come he would joyfully return. For what normal person would want to live outside of his own Land, what normal people would not want to be redeemed? But this is exactly what Rashi is teaching us, that when the day arrives, the Jew has to be literally pulled by his teeth to come home.
So we find with the exiles of Egypt, that when the call came in to leave, the great majority of the Jewish people in old Egypt wanted to stay. Many reason were given for not wanting to leave: Who is Moshe that he should be the one to take us out, he himself was raised in Pharaoh's palace, I'm waiting for the real savior to come. Things are good now in Egypt, I'm just waiting for the price of my home to go back up before baking matzot and heading out - and the list went on and on and on.
Things did not change much for the Jew in the time of the returnees from Babylon. The book of Ezra teaches us: Hashem aroused the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, and he issued a proclamation throughout his kingdom - and in writing as well, saying: Thus said Cyrus king of Persia, all the kingdoms of the earth has Hashem G-d of Heaven given me, and He has commanded me to build Him a Temple in Jerusalem. Whoever is among you of His entire people - may his G-d be with him - let him go up to Jerusalem. But if this sign was not enough for the people to flock home, for surely, many said to themselves: Who is Cyrus - a non Jew- that we should listen to him and head home? Hashem Himself told His prophet Isaiah that Cyrus is G-d's anointed one and called him His shepherd, someone "who fulfills all My desires" (Isaiah 44:28)
Still. . . this was not enough for those who wait, and they needed a clearer sign then the prophet himself So they continued to wait and wait and only some 20 percent of the Jewish people returned from the Babylonian exile. And the ones who waited -the Rabbis, the business owners, the high society people - what became of them? If they did not make their way up to the Land of Israel, then they all, after a few generations, assimilated and were lost to the Jewish people forever.
Will today's Redemption - the one we are in the midst of - be any different than the previous ones for the "waiters"? The Radak, just one of tens of rabbis who wrote in this light throughout the generations, writes: "Just as the redemption from Babylonia was done by the hands of Cyrus, also in the future the Redemption will come about through the nations of the world" (Psalms 146:3).
So the "waiters" continue to wait until that phone rings, understanding not that the call has already been placed and the boat has left shore. Let us not wait until the secure "walls" of this world tumble down, but let us listen to the call that had gone out some time ago and head on home now while time allows, for in the dead of night, when all is silent, one can indeed hear that the phone is ringing!
With love of Israel,Levi Chazen

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written in 1980, published in 1981
Excerpts from chapter titled: “Separation –Only Separation"o
The Six-Day war of 1967 - what a divine, golden opportunity! What a disastrous failure to seize it!
They poured across the ancient lands - theirs. The children of Israel. The soldiers, children of a generation that went to the gas chambers, a thing the Gentile had come to equate with the Jews. Now they burst across the ground from which, just days earlier, the Arabs had boasted of the coming slaughter. The trap, the iron noose, which the Arabs had built around the Jewish state in May 1967 was shattered. “The trap is broken, and we have escaped!” (Psalms 123).
Across the land – theirs – they poured. Judea, and its hills! Bethlehem, where David was born and where for two millennia Rachel stood weeping for the sons and daughters who now returned. Hebron, where the fathers and mothers of the nation lived and are buried. Samaria, with Shechem and Bet El and Shilo and Jericho and Gigal and the ten tribes and Elijah and Hosea and – history. Gaza, where Samson smashed the Philistines….And now, the children had returned, incredibly, swiftly, mightily, to free the land from the trespassers, to redeem the stolen homeland.
What an opportunity! The Messiah knocked and history smiled and they touched fingers with their ancestors. Now, now was the opportunity to rid the land of those who a bare forty-eight hours earlier had danced in an orgy of Jew hatred, vowing to do unto Jewish men what they had done – partly – in the decades past and to inflict on Jewish women the horrors of which they were so capable. Now, now as the moment whose time had come. Now.
How the Arabs expected to be slaughtered! How they knew what they would have done if the roles were reversed! In Hebron white flags flew from every window as the inhabitants shook in terror, remembering 1929. The sixty-seven murdered Jews rested heavily on their heads as they waited for Jewish vengeance….
No, the Israeli soldiers did not slaughter them – and how they expected it! And how they would have fallen and kissed the soldiers’ boots had they been told: “You know what you deserve. You know what you did and what we should do to you. You know what you would have done in our place. But we are not you: we are Jews, and we give you a chance to live. You have forty-eight hours to take all that you can and cross the Jordan. Out! They would have kissed Jewish feet and fled.
Israel would have been free of them, and the ugly world that just days earlier had waited in expectation and anticipation of Jewish tragedy would have remained silent, so thunderstruck was it at the miracle of the Six-Day War! And Israel would have been free of the cancer, the terrible specter of 800,000 more Jew haters. And Jews could have settled the length and breath of the land, and we could have brought the redemption that much closer….
But no, the gentilized and the Hellenists – whose terror of man is an article of faith replacing awe and faith in G-d – fled from greatness. It was the same fear of the world reaction that saw orders given not to shell the Old City lest Christian and Muslim holy places be damaged. Jewish soldiers had to pick their way through the narrow streets and alleyways. Dozens were killed by sniper fire – all needlessly, all murdered by Arab bullets and Jewish timidity.
The Arabs were neither killed nor driven from Hebron. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, one of the architects of the Jewish disaster, raced to the city to assure the Muslim Khadi (“priest”) that the cave of Machpela would remain in Muslim hands. The cave in which are buried Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah, and which had been barred for centuries to Jews, now would continue to be a Muslim site. Hebron would remain Arab, thanks to Dayan.
It was the policy of a man who opposed attacking the Golan Heights for fear that the Soviet allies of Syria would intervene. It was the fear of a man who not only refused to expel the Arabs, but forcibly returned those who had already fled! The Arab village of Kalkilya, which touches Kfar Saba, was for years one of the most vicious nests of terrorists. Regularly, the vipers would slither from Kalkilya to murder Jews. For years, Jews watched with gritted teeth and waited for the day…
In 1967 it came. The populace fled in panic. Thousands abandoned their village and swarmed eastward to the Jordan. Dayan ordered paratroopers to catch them and bring them back – lest the world think that Israel was preparing a new wave of refuges. Heaven forbid!o
The miracle came and was rejected. The gold was turned by reverse alchemy into dross. Rather then being free of 800,000 enemies, the Jews allowed them to remain – them and their endless number of children. They drain us of our money, kill our children, and steal our land. In 1967 Muadi Abu-Minsha feared a slaughter. In 1975 he said: “Israel has no choice….I think the whole world recognizes the justice of the Palestinians… Arafat’s plan is a good one and I think Israel should adopt it.”
History will never forgive Israel its failure of nerve and fear of world opinion. The nation as a whole is already paying the price.
The question is not how can we remove the Arabs, but rather how can we not? To do nothing is the simplest and most simplistic policy. It will certainly spare this government, and perhaps the next both the agony of having to take the bold and excruciating step and the price of not taking it. The deluge, the flood will not come tomorrow. But come it certainly will, and sooner than we think. This generation already feels the first searing heat that will become the terrible flood of fire. No, the question is: How can we possibly sit and not rid ourselves of the Arabs who seek to destroy us from within? What inexplicable loss of national preservation, will, and sanity makes the Jews of Israel hesitate to save themselves?

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Important Torah Law

Jerusalem, Israel, HaRav Yehuda Kreuser SHLIT"A, Rosh Yeshiva
1 Av 5768/1-2 August 2008
“But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land before you, those of them whom you leave shall be as pins in your eyes and as thorns at your sides, and they will harass you upon the land in which you dwell. And it shall be that what I had meant to do to them, I shall do to you.”

A quick glimpse into Israeli government recently-approved housing permits shows quite a remarkable phenomenon. While no new cities have been planned for some time in Israel, it seems now that the Israeli government has done a turnaround and has been approving quite a few new cities to be built.

Just last week the government approved the formation of a committee to build a new city in the Galilee; this, after many years without any new city planned. A recently abandoned Israeli army base just outside of Gush Ezion - the Shdemah army base - will be left for a new neighborhood to be built on that spot.

And during her latest visit to Israel in July of this year, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was told about two new neighborhoods that will be built on the Jerusalem-Binyamin highway, that are to be made up of some 8,000 housing units. In his talks with Madame Secretary, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak put his foot down and told the Secretary of State: This is just the way it is - we are building these new neighborhoods and that’s that!

But there is more. Down south, in the Negev, after a 15-year battle a new community will finally arise. The fight started years ago with the then Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin pledging to build a new community that could house tens of thousands. Finally, it will become a reality! Plans for the community are being prepared by the Israeli Land Administration and will then be examined by the Regional Council for Planning and Building of the Israeli government.

Of course, this entire construction boom is not for the Jews of the Land of Israel, but rather, for the Arabs among us. For the Jews a very strict ban on building has been enforced for some time in Yosh (Yehuda and Shomron) under the pressure of the Bush administration. Just try to build the smallest of additions to your house, and the police will show up the very next morning to destroy it. Caravans are stopped on the road and confiscated. Even if one is able to construct some type of structure, the Israeli electric company, under strict orders from Olmert and Co., will not hook the site up to the electric lines; this goes also for Bezek phones. On the other hand, Arabs build unabated as tens of thousands of “illegal”
structures continue to be built in the Galilee and Negev, and no one bats an eye.

How did all of this come about, that the government of Israel works on stopping the Jewish population from expanding, and actually, with the help of the Israeli tax shekel, helps our enemies to conquer the Land?

The answer, written in our parsha, is as clear as day: And it shall be that what I had meant to do to them I shall do to you.” Instead of the Jewish people coming to conquer and settle the Land, Hashem has given over that right to the Arab enemy. All because we do not do what we must.

The conquest of the Land of Israel is not just a nice thing, or some proud achievement to display to Hadassah women and receive a plaque, but rather, the commandment to settle the Land consists of two parts; the first being the conquest of the Land, and only then, the settling of it. It is not enough to just settle the Land and to leave the enemy within, for in a short time they will raise their ugly head against you. The holy Or-Hachayim writes that not only will you not be able to settle the places where they the enemy are, but even in the places where just you live (like Tel Aviv), you will not be able to survive.

What we fail to understand is that this is not just common sense, but this is Torah law. How many times have we heard from rabbis that the Nation must do Teshuva - to return to Hashem, and that will save the Jewish people They say we must keep the Shabbat laws, eat kosher, observe the laws of family purity, etc. But it must be known that part of doing national Teshuva is to remove the Arab enemy from the Land! This is no less of a commandment than any other! There is no other option, as the Torah tells us - it's either them ruling the Land, or us.

It's time to realize that what is needed is not another “Shas kindergarten”, or another kollel, but a real understanding that the removal of the enemy from Israel is Torah law!

With love of Israel,
Levi Chazen

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Behind The Altalena Affair

A little bit of required history you will not read or see on television. THE ALTALENA AFFAIR - One of Rabin's proudest military moments came on June 22, 1948. Menachem Begin's Irgun, another Israeli military group, was in the midst of negotiating a pact with David Ben-Gurion under which Irgun would join the new Israeli Defense Force. Meanwhile, the Irgun had loaded a ship, the Altalena, with weapons and Jewish fighters (many of them Holocaust survivors) to join the IDF. Ben-Gurion ordered that the Altalena be fired upon. Rabin carried out his orders to the letter. Later, Rabin bragged how he had "bumped them off on the deck of the burning ship and while they were trying to swim to safety." Sixteen Jews were killed, many shot while swimming to shore.

The Labour party bowed to British pressure for a Jewish State and accepted only a Jewish minority with no autonomy or state. The Labour party accepted continued outright Arab aggression backed by the British in the early years of the Yishuv and outright threw up their hands in defeat and cowardice. The Labour Zionist organization refused to allow Jewish workers in their union if they did not bow to their ideals of socialism and no Judaism. The Labour party spent 95% of their time fighting Jabotinsky's idealistic movement of Pride toward Jewish rights and homeland. The Labour party's ideal of ruler ship excluded sects of Jews and valiant bold Jews who stood against anything less than an autonomous state. Below is a video of just one incident where the Irgun (Jabotinsky's fighting legion) bringing in desperately needed ammunition to fight for independence was shot at and killed even after surrender and while these Holocaust survivors jumped ship for their lives to be killed in the water by their fellow Jews. Ben Gurion's famous words " Blessed are the Canons who shot and killed these Jews".
Of course today, Jabotinsky's ideals are fully vindicated as his words live on in the minds and hearts and have proven to be almost prophetic so many a times. What remains astonishing is the roots of the Labour party then is now and the people of Israel have legitimized and even mostly voted them into most all governments. Learn your history and stand up.

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A Voice Repressed in Israel

There are no less than 3 Arab parties sitting at the helm of our Jewish parliamant "Hadash" led by Mohammad Barakeh, "National Democratic Assembly" led by Jamal Zahalka and "Ra'am Ta'al" (Arab Movement for Renewal) led by Talab El-Sana. In the course of Israeli history there have been mind boggling so called Jews whom formed a party to bolster Arabs and remove any trace of Judaism from Israel - they call themselves "Meretz Yahad" led today by Zahava Gal-On with no less than 5 seats . Previous's Knesset also showcased 2"Shinui" parties, "Secular Faction" , and a host of others. While there are religious parties they have all effectively been neutered and today not one can stand for an all Jewish state a large group of Jews aspire and have been as prescribed by the Torah for 3000 years. These parties deem to represent Torah, yet they fold to it's most basic precept. Exclusive dominion of Jews in the land of Israel. (View Torah, Book of Joshua, Maimonides etc..) A Jewish state without interference and without melting of societies has been effectively outlawed by the Israeli Supreme Court in 1988. The first and only party led by an esteemed and genious Rabbi Meir Kahane clearly delineated the sources and single handidly out debated any other false created notion built up over the years of exile and assimilation. His party for fear of power was quickly outlawed for embracing this all Jewish concept proven by Maimonides, The Prophets, and Torah. The same year we saw Arab parties indicted and released freely to voice an outright rejection of the jewish state with it's sole purpose of Arab priorities and even outright treason and plotting with enemies against the state

Certainly the ruling Labour and Kadima parties in power have no intentions of an all Jewish homeland. Their platform is to embrace the arabs in a united melting pot of Jews and Arabs washing away any distinctiveness the Jewish people may possess. Intermarriage with Arabs are welcome and encouraged - a holocaust, world jewry is presently suffering worldwide while it's inate instinct calls for aliyah to the jewish homeland less than 1% make aliyah. Ghaleb Majadle is a top ranking Arab official, Science and Technology, Culture and Sport Minister opposses a change in current administration. Why ? well the Arab sector is the 2nd largest sector in the Labor Party ! Does it matter if the administration is the poorest Israel has ever seen. Of course not, the Arab agenda is not the Israel agenda. Obvious. Yes of course. On Who are those making aliyah - Labour / Kadima embracers ? Obviously not, those are with Olmert's son living in exile by choice and showing example. It is those who embrace Torah honestly, and cannot help to wonder why their Rabbi's stay.

A Jew who beleives that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people as per his Torah his ancestors lived by for 3000 years has no one in the Jewish homeland government to vote for. Sounds ironic ? It certainly is.

Why can't we have a Jewish Democracy. Yes, it excludes Arab enemies, and don't be fooled to think they are or ever were loyal to the Jewish state and it's homeland to the Jews. Does America have an Arab party - why not , there are 3.5 million Arabs in America more than all the Arabs in Israel. Not only a party, but one that doesn't beleive in America but Arab independence and autonomy in America. Such a thing is unheard of because it wouldn't be offered a platform to even begin. Yet no one dare say it is less of a democracy. In fact, it is heralded the democracy par excellence. So why the unheard of double standard -self imposed by folding and cowardly Jews in Israel. More so, Israel has the best defence and understanding being outwardly attaked since it's inception and before by all Arabs those in Jordan and beyond. Yet we fail to stand up and be proud Jews rather choose to be a product of downtrodden exile mentality.

Yehiel Leiter of Likud Visits Ra'anana

I would like to thank you for taking the time out to address Ra'anana last night. I did have a few questions that I would like to ask you and copy the Likud party as well. Let me begin..
1) The Arab facts.
a. Relatively speaking Israeli Arabs don't contribute back to the economy as the Jews so aren't they a huge economical drain? (Imagine if we saved expenses on Arab towns, security walls, additional army resources within Israel, technology against kassams etc..)
b. You mentioned Bibi cut childcare allowances because of the Beduins. But doesn't this inadvertently hurt the incentive for large Jewish families which is what we need and want. Why not tackle the issue head on to remove the Arabs and hence the coffers grow as does our security and definition as a people ?
You Spoke about principles.
2) Why not an all Jewish State ? Isn't that what we came to Israel for, to maintain our Judaism as a nation.
a. Why hasn't the Likud spearheaded the argument of Avigdor Lieberman to remove the Arabs from Knesset. This is an issue well overdue and glaring straight at us.
b. Why has the Likud under Bibi launched a lawsuit with the Supreme court to rule a Jewish state "racist" by the Kach party in fear of losing votes rather than keeping to principle. If Jabotinsky were alive I believe in 1990 he would have chose to lead the Kach party and not the Likud. He was a man of unwavering principles.
c. Why do we lean on low statistical numbers to mock Moshe Feiglin rather than respond to the issues of differences head on. His main campaign is not "Emuni" it's bringing Judaism back to a Jewish state. It's returning to our source. How else would you define a Jew? Wouldn't a true leader mend and unite this small faction within the Likud and work together ? (Feiglin approached Bibi to shake hands and congratulate his party leadership and was dissented. Would Jabo do the same with a foe let alone a party member ?)
d. Our dismal educational system requires injected life. But what else could possibly spur it than a genuine awakening of belief and spirit of Judaism that we've forsaken from our forefathers? Why else be in Israel. Isn't it Gods promise for Centuries of success in the land if we only followed his statutes ?
e. Our people are confused & tired of politics leading nowhere but how can we lead the Jewish people to anything worthwhile when we ourselves do not show Judaism as distinct and lofty as it should be. Perhaps to wear a kippah and keep Shabbat as a bare minimum within the party. Why not ? Are we afraid to show our Judaism for what they might say?
You may respond that these are unpopular sta to the stances toward the masses and hence a fear to state them outright. Nonsense, if you’re a principled party as claimed, and believes in this truth (if you indeed do) then ultimately it will prevail and only it will prevail for falsehood always falls at the end. If we saw the amazing miracles of 48, 67, the revival of ancient Hebrew, a flourishing state under war, etc.. why is it suddenly a leap of faith to run against the current despite how far reaching it seems. In the spirit of Jabotinsky (the basis of the Likud) – if you are sure your way is right – do it and it will be your way". In short, from whence will our salvation come – Washington or the God of Israel. If history has anything to say, the cards are stacked against the first.
I appreciate your time to respond even in very brief to my questions above.
Thank You
Yehoshua Pinto

Short Response to the Jerusalem Conference 2008

To the Jerusalem Conference
It is clear from the outcome of this meeting most are quite impressed by the Professors words as front video on the webpage. It's important to bring out, that there is a clear false conclusion on some points. Yet on a single point it requires immediate response. Glaringly it is, the deterioration of military technological edge as the factor causing the losses of war. Example used is 1967 vs. 1973 wars and Lebanon onwards.

One need not be religious to answer as follows.
a) Do not remove the factor of godliness 100% in every event. Surely there must be some validity to a God who has promised this land to a people for 3000 years and the miracles seen on the battlefield in 48, 67 and onwards should not be discounted at all let alone to nil. Incidentally, the Torah clearly states that when success comes do not discount the living god and commit the victories to your own strength. This happens to be the major chastisement to the Jewish people throughout the bible and it's hold is well and alive in the ranks of government and university as shown at the Jerusalem conference.
b) One must not discount the weakness of Israeli government that bowed to American pressure not to respond in accordance with Israeli will and sense. Essentially substituting the God of Israel with the God of Washington.

These to a thinking individual who is even weak in belief but ponders the details and facts must be the essential reasons of failure. We are in full force to repeat the same historic mistakes as they are not acknowledged at all. How can they be then corrected? This is most frightening.

Your comments most welcomed.

Best Wishes
Yehoshua Pinto

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