Sunday, May 13, 2007

Opposite Outcomes

Since the Oslo Accords and earlier Israel has rushed to embrace the Arabs. Ehud Olmert is found running to "hug" Abbas and it is only Condoleeza Rice of the USA who sets the limit to our embrace. Hamas is elected to government a shock to the embraces and unilateral "handing over" of Israeli territories and recognition to create a Palestinian state. The Knesset of Israel then encourages Arab MK's into government and promoting Arab MK Ghaleb Majadle to take over the Culture, Science and Sport Portfolio. It includes control of the Space Agency completely leaving Israel open to sensitive security issues in the hands of Arabs. Arab MK Majadle then claims the security checks on him are "racist". Weeks later a long standing Arab MK is found guilty of espionage against the Jewish state. Isn't this exactly what the Torah warned us not to do and would sensibly be the enemies reactions. Is there a Jew in any of the 22 Arab states with a position in government ? Hamas is now being legitimized, the Arab world has set the agenda for the price to release 1 kidnapped soldier in exchange for scores of Terrorists that our soldiers put their lives on the line nightly to seize. Egypt then Jordan set forth the plan to return our kidnapped soldier. Our leaders wait to be guided by our enemies as they set the agenda. Looking into it deeper, once sees, they are crying out for a tough stance by Israel to place the Arabs back. King Abdullah stated "the present Israeli PM is causing instability in the region and is a danger to the Middle East". Yes, amongst nations there must be leaders. Those who are attacked know what to do best. If they are Jewish, it is their God given task. The task is wide open for the taking and we are failing to be bold and stand up.

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