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The Message of Multiple Elections

The message of multiple elections is two fold.

First message is to care about the people and not oneself . Members of Knesset don’t speak about the issues at hand we face as a nation. Instead we hear the ridiculous talk of what positions each member wants or will be granted all the while listening to smears and hatred of opposition. Where did our feelings of the need to save the people and return to a glorious Zion, our homeland go? To stand strong in the face of our enemies for our own survival. This is what we mean when we say national adversity and tragedy brings about the best in us. It is not ideal and so therefore why go there? Unfortunately we seem to lose ourselves in the lure of money and power and forget the overall moral good and destiny of our holy nation and humanity for all intents and purposes.

The 2nd reason you’ll find quite interesting.
Initial meetings between  Netanyahu and Trump seems to have concocted a secret agreement to roll out the “deal of the century״ for t…

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