Where’s Sane Jewish Leadership ? Frenkel, Shaar Yifrach kidnapped & murdered

Moses a True Leader - Unafraid of Nations in the Eyes of God
Moses a True Leader – Unafraid of Nations in the Eyes of God

June 12th, 2014,  3 Jewish boys Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar – both 16 – and Eyal Yifrach, 19 are kidnapped. In the past year dozens of kidnapping attempts have been foiled. Two years prior Gilaad Shalit was exchanged for hunderds of terrorists. Terrorist exchanges including those for dead soldiers unknown to be alive have been made with Arabs in and around Israel. In May 2014 the knesset realized a bill must passed to halt this arm twisting shame. The newspapers around Israel abound with soft talk of who is to blame, this on the back of a Hamas & Palestinian unity government formation only a week prior. It couldn’t be clearer that Palestinians & Fatah are really just another name for the same goal of removing Israel in place of themselves.

The Torah states in Parshat Masei ( 33:55) an amazing truth. Engrave these words in your heart. “If you shall not inherit the inhabitants of the land before you, then those you leave over (in the land) shall be pins in your eyes and thorns in your sides and shall cause you grief and trouble in the land that you dwell”.  Rashi, Sforno, Or Ha’chaim, Ramban,  Rashbam, Even Ezra unanimously declare the harm causeed us. The Torah itself is no less blunt. Noteworthy, is the Or Hachaim that emphasizes “את כל יושבי הארץ” compared to Devarim 20, refers to the 7 nations, here specifically refers not to the 7 nations but to all other nations in the land. Furthermore, he emphasizes not only the land you haven’t inherited but even the land you merited to dwell in , in this same land they will ask you to get up and leave it ! No one, not a single newspaper I know would dare state the obvious. We just can’t grasp the honest action required by sane people. Deport the Arabs from Israel bus loads at a time. And even though they deserve no courtesies, we’ll do it with all the humane decenscy the Jew is known for. What are we afraid of  ? International condemnation. Are you serious ? What haven’t we been condemned for as we bow and bear every weight and burden the world has thrown upon us. For 2000 years, the world over not only couldn’t care less about us Jews, but have persecuted us, and blamed us for every mishap the world has known. Of course today, Spain is calling back all the Jews offering them citizenship now that we’re gone. Since the Jews left, the country’s glory has gone with it.

Don’t be afraid, join the sane voices of organizations and people and Jews around the world that are saying let’s do good, let’s do what the Torah has commanded us and in the process and not so ironically, we’ll be doing the Arabs good, who really want and need to be taken back to their lands and out of Israel completely. There is no shying from this fact and it is being forced upon us to realize with every passing event.

Tragically, tens of thousands of Jews rejoiced on the streets of Tel Aviv days later in celebration of winning the European Soccer cup. it would have been proper and right for government officials and people around the country to halt the celebration until the boys are returned home alive and well. Yes connect the two national events, make it a country wide recognition and effort. I guarantee the subsequent celebration would rise to heights unparellelled to what was celebrated falsely. Tragically, the kidnappings also ocurred on the heals of the Tel Aviv Gay parade. Quite briefly, Israel is a holy nation in god’s gifted land. Israel can only be traced to Judaism. Judaism traced only to it’s Torah. The torah clearly forbids gay relations as an abomination to God. Nothing more needs to be said.

June 30th,  the 3 boys found dead – murdered near Hebron. The parents and hence the country expecting to receive them back as Gilad Shalit deal. Foolish. The pressure of the IDF search probably forced Hamas to kill them rather than be caught. The lesson ? Treat your enemies like enemies (Devarim 21:10). Rid every single Arab out of the state of Israel. Completely, totally, deport every single Arab (Bamidbar 33:53-56)- and dare let any world opinion say a damn thing.  Civilized leftist have created such a false pretense that the enemy is less than just that, we have all fallen into absolute ridiculous extreme wishful thinking that Arabs are anything else other than a pure enemy to be removed. Once and for all – the commandment to remove every Arab from within Israel’s borders is not an option , it’s a commandment !

Haaretz news website posts their first article of news on it, it seems by force,  twisting an evening of uttermost terror into a steady self blame scenario on Israel. Nowhere do you find the horror and utter shock and pain of this evenings incident in their news. Rather some cold security correspondence as their first reactive article. Since when is correspondence and not Journalism their order of the day ? It is, when it’s the only form to divert the truth and begin the steady flow of leftist propaganda. Within 1-2 hours the article of the murders (appropriately labelled without the term “murder”, “Terror”  or anything close to it.. Rather the softest words possible in this situation “Bodies found” read the headlines) was removed and replaced with a self hating article entitled “Police officer dismissed over botched call” as if this is the focus , focus on Israel’s mistakes once again ! amazingly twisted. Anyone left ordering Haaretz newspaper is questioned of their Jewish roots!  Their roots are traced to those dispicable Jews who twisted and wrecked havoc from the time we left Egypt for forty years. And now we have them in every generation en mass. Yes, Datan & Aviram. Learn to recognize them, their smooth twist of God’s promise and commandments into it’s opposite as they claim Egypt not Israel is the land flowing with Milk & Honey ! They are in every generation.

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