▶ Israel 67 Years. Urgency for Jews to Make Aliyah to Israel

Israel is Born
Israel is Born

Israel is now 67 years old. Let’s step back and assess, and hopefully realize the window of time in a clear perspective. One thing is for sure, God does not sleep or slumber as he is watching over Israel. Get on the ban wagon now.


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Hellenized Jews & Gentelized Hebrews

R’ Meir Kahane clearly & prophetically aroused the real issue almost a century ago that we so squarely face today – the hellenized Jews and Gentelized Hebrews. Never in history have we seen Jews turn against Judaism and Jews for that matter as we see today. No other time in history witnessed the proselytization, guilt to stand Jewish and hence the “changing” of Judaism to fit human consumption, as if it were not divine at all.
So the “Zionist” pioneers who sought to do away with Judaism and produce the newly invented zionism without Judaism forced the removal of sidelocks and Kippahs in return for the hellenized form of Kibbutz life. Today, these Jews whom held Judaism strong in foreign lands for 2000 years lost it quickly iin the holy land no less by their Jewish brethren. Today, we reap the fruits of their labour, as the gentilized Hebrew has replaced belief in God with the worship of drugs, sex and disastrous liberties, the yoke of heaven with the liberties to destroy oneself, the specialness of a Jew with the poor copy of a Western culture for the pursuit of “I” and materialism.
So on April 1st 2007 Jimmy Carter is awarded the “truthteller” award by no less the hellenized Jewish West presented to him by “Rabbi” Leonard Beerman, founding Rabbi of the Leo Baeck Temple in Los Angles and board member of the U.S. Interreligious Committee for Peace in the Middle East. All this for having written the most absurd anti Israel book in the modern century. Are you surprised ? Don’t be. It’s the natural product of Hellenization.