The True Solution Surfacing

Today the Govt is to weigh Gaza incursion against Kassam rocket attacks. The government is and has weighed every option. An incursion, full restraint, targeted attacks of the upper terrorist leaders, or even reoccupation. The consensus – no solution. Herein lies the cowardice to state the truth.

The one option purposely omitted is the conquering of the enemy and reclamation of territory. It is omitted because it goes against the grain of unilateral width drawls. There is fear of being non-democratic, there is fear of the operation and it’s impact in the eyes of the world and Israel’s population. The step would represent too bold an action and seems impossible. The government evacuated all Jews from the area that on a practical level, effectively acted as a guard to Arabs building weapon caches and firing on Israeli towns such as Sderot.

All the above are the true answers for this option’s omission. Now stare at the reasons and ask yourself is it the right course. No it’s not.

We must come to terms that the god of Israel is real, albeit hidden behind the scenes as conjured in the bible at this time in history. The direction is clear from God’s message handed down to us in Chumash, Joshua, Judges, Shmuel, and Yeshayahu. The land of Israel was promised to us and we must not be afraid of conquering our enemies in war. If we do so with the this correct knowledge and belief, we will prevail – and easily – even miraculously. The choice is one of freewill at this point. The Arab attacks are only meant to stir the correct thought and shake off the fears mentioned above.

Today Jordan’s King Abdullah is scheduled to meet Palestinians chairman Mahmoud Abbas. The topic in the kings mind is that of confederation. The beginnings of the real solution to move the Palestinians back to Jordan their 1 of 22 Arab states. The shame is that it does not come from Israel but from Jordan ! Yes, Jordan has all to lose on this option, Israel has all to gain, yet it isn’t in the minds of the Jews but surfacing from Jordan. The real tragedy, is that Jewish freewill is failing as a whole, and Godly intervention is occurring.

As this unfolds, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Shimon Peres are back to their rhetoric of revived and serious peace talks with the Arabs. They are on autopilot to embrace the Arabs at all costs, as they dodge the firing bullets, the mocking Arabs, and the crying Zionists of the settlements. Only sitting silently between attacks, and waiting when they can raise the issue again where public approvals are possible. Needless to say, the handing over of Yehuda Veshomron – the geographical heart of Israel has been postponed not by Israel, but by continued and sustained attacks by Arabs timely implanted by god himself.

What is a Jew ?

The history of the Jewish people entails critcism of the prophets for having left the belief in God all throughout Tanach. After so many years of existence as a Jew and Jewish people, the defining factor of the nation was and is adherence to the Torah. It remains our only definition. The monumental events of the holocaust occurred only after the Jew wanted to melt into their foreign German culture (Haskalah). Specifically timed by God, after such a horrible event we emerged miraculously and almost undeservedly (by Torah standards) to come to Israel. Then in Israel we won miraculous wars against all odds, gaining back our ancestral territory not on merit but on ancestral promise by god. It is now only less than 60 years later, survivors are still around, and the Israeli is ashamed to be a Jew. The Israeli amazingly sees life without god’s hand.

He asks what is a Jew ? I am an Israeli. He asks what is Israel. I will move to where I can have a good and easy life. Why are we hated and attacked ? We aught to give more land and embrace more enemies. Why are we different. We aught to be like all other nations.

Amazingly, the “learned” Jew of the exile – has successfully divorced Eretz Yisrael with Torat Yisrael. Something so inseparable in the annals of our spiritual and historical existence. Something yearned and dreamed of for so long that it kept us alive for 2500 years in the exile. Today, it is chosen – not to come live in the chosen land.

God said it once, twice, thrice, perhaps hundreds of timesą„¤ You are a nation separate from all other nations. Holy and hallowed to be mine, in my chosen land. Given secrets of the universe to those who choose to know it. A gift to be as close as possible to the creator – a gift of ecstasy no greater nor will there ever be.

How is it that after 60 years, Israel has successfully grown a generation ignorant to their heritage, lost in their outlook, and only Jewish by the token language of Hebrew. The revival of the Hebrew language was doubted by secularists who felt it was too ‘radical’ yet today stands as the only testimony and thread of Jewish heritage. The committed Jews from days of yore instituted Hebrew as the minimal requirement with a view to the future, and today it remains as a prized difference amongst the nations. Imagine, if the Knesset today had to vote over an issue like that within the same framework that existed then, surely the Gentelized Hebrew leaders would have all voted for speaking English.

How is it that 95% of those leaving Israel are secularists in search for money in America while 95% of those making Aliyah to Israel are faithful to the Torah?

How is it that we expect an Arab to sing our national anthem with our words “The Jewish soul” and be a part of our national history and of course our Jewish heritage ? After all, Herzl wrote his first pamphlet entitled “The Jewish State” not to be open for takeover by any foreign majority.

How is it that we are to be a “light unto other nations” while we copy and pursue the laws and lifestyles of these other nations we are to be leaders of ?
The chosen people chose not to be chosen but to be ashamedą„¤