Israeli Myopia

Jewish Blood Tefillin
Jewish Blood

Frustrating beyond belief is not the deaths of each operation and kidnapping. It is the clear events and actions of our people that brought about those results.

So while we lick our wounds after every death, we do very little over the attempted botched enemy kidnapping and killings. It won’t be a few months before we hear the same BS rhetoric how Israel is strong, the people are strong, the IDF is strong. Bogus ! We’re not strong unless we can as a nation unanimously unite to wipe out our enemies with no mercy or remorse.

What brought about the consecutive operations and deaths in Gaza is the giving of Gaza to the Arabs. We focus on how they’ve destroyed all that was built by Jewish hands and our losses,  compensations and rebuilding given to those Jews. But far more important is the act to remove Jewish presence giving way for autonomy that created this deadly inferno. Where are all the peace activists comments who so strongly advocated Arab autonomy. Worse yet, where are the recourse in action to take back the lands and re-settle Jews. We’ve forgotten. We only showed our weakness to give in and give up. Now we pay the consequences with no recourse of action ? that’s ludicrous. The reason ? We’re afraid of what the world would say ? Have we gone mad ?

45 Soldiers died in operation protective edge as of today. Why ? because we sent our troops out in the worst possible scenario. We refused to bomb fully from air and sea. Then we refused to bomb without notice leaflets to the citizens – this allowing them to save arsenal, remove terrorists from building and trap soldiers on their way in to the area. Pilots expressed frustration when they couldn’t provide ample coverage by air to their fellow foot soldiers sent like ducks to Arab territory unknown to them , waiting in ambush by the expecting enemy. So all element of surprise was removed to top it off. Do you think we want to send our sons to battle under this type of leadership ? Rules and regulations of when one is allowed to fire and where until your life becomes a sitting duck’s nightmare. All for the sake of the enemy’s welfare ?

The Arabs have killed hundreds of children’s digging tunnels for their terror operation into Israel with no condemnation or remorse. Arab children in kindergarden being trained to wear explosive belts for suicide missions. The world lends a blind eye and shouts out the ludicrous and easy accusation to the civilized side to stop defending. It’s so much easier to tell civilized people to stop defense than to remove hatred and destroy terror’s culture. That’s so much harder and almost impossible.

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