Terror Strikes Again – Where is our Leadership to Remove the Enemy ?

Today Sunday Feb 28th, another Arab terrorist caught on camera. GRAPHIC VIDEO: Ax-wielding Palestinian terrorist attacks security guard. Saadi Ali Abu Hammad viciously attacks Tzika Cohen, who is fighting for his life. Here is what our leaders for decades has been minimizing and hiding.

Abu Hamad is believed to have entered Ma’ale Adumim legally with an Israeli-issued work permit.

Currently, Israel allows 84,000 Arabs from the Palestinian Authority to work in Israeli towns, including 26,000 in Judea and Samaria and 58,000 inside the Green Line. An additional 30,000 are believed to work inside the Green Line illegally.

Why aren’t we removing the terrorists from our country ? Because of silly fear of perception. Silly isn’t it ? Weak leadership. We the Jews pay the price.

Lets call on a united front to gather like minded sane Jews to unite and form a party that says no more enemies in our Borders. We’ve been massacred for thousands of years and now under our own sovereignty this will not continue.

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