Important Causes to Support & Fight Against

1. Fight our own government to remove Arabs from Har Habayit, to salvage the remaining artifacts that have been deliberately destroyed by Muslims attempting to remove Jewish history. Insane isn’t it ?
On the 2nd side of the coin, institute freedom of Prayer by Jews anywhere Halachic authorities approve. As of this article, another Jew was actually arrested for praying Tehillim. Absurd ? absolutely.

2. Arab and Musim refugees from Syria are sworn enemies of Israel. Remember, Syria has attacked Israel in 1948 , 1967 and everthing in between and after with the sole intention to wipe Israel off the map. Now G_d has brought retribution to have them fight amongst themeselves , yet foolish liberal Jewish organizations such as the World Jewish Relief organization meant to bring relief to Jews and Jews alone is diverting Jewish money and resources to help our enemies !

Interesting to note, is Russia’s clandestine efforts to intensified naval excercises off the Syrian coast, having sent the largest Russian submarine equipped with nuclear warheads, along with anti-aircraft missile system, all the while denying any abnormal Syrian allied support !

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