Essential Jewish Ideals

Essential Jewish ideals are so desperately required after as a people we’ve suffered 2000 years in exile and have accustomed ourselves to foreign ideals and our brethren remain 80 -90% assimilated in thought let alone physically.

As a chosen people we’ve been commanded and demanded to keep the covenant. All the evil hardships that have befallen us as a people (and to an extent the world as the Jew is indeed at the focal point in heaven) has been a clear failure of the Jewish people to have kept and today to keep the covenant. So what is the covenant ? Keep the Torah in a strong , loud voice and action without fear and intimidation of “what will they say”. This fear has plagued and continues to plague the Jewish people. Jewish leaders in America are indistinguishable to their gentile counterparts and are sterile in action as American Jewry sinks into abismal assimilation of the mind and heart and of course physical existence. Here are two videos worth watching..

1) Some fundamental facts facing our dismal American Jewish world.


2) Here Rav Kahane in his early years lays out essential Jewish concepts and truths. The inaction of American Jewry, the fear of American Jewry and the failure of the Torah demands to care for our fellow Jews.

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