How to Reply to Antisemitism


A perusal of today’s news will just make your head stand upside down and that’s exactly the situation.

  1. Underwater Hamas tunnels just found with estimations of many more. This at the heals of explosive kites launched from Gaza , and land terror tunnels developed in the last few years.  Gov’t Response: to build barriers
  2. Israelis suffer financial tourist losses in the Galilee and the South due to the terror attacks.  Government response: Lets give them tax breaks.
  3. MK’s Jamal Azbarga, Haneen Zoabi, and Goumbha Azbarga of the Balad Party in Israel’s Knesset (nightmare reality) presented a bill that would essentially make Israel cease to be a predominantly Jewish state , cancel the law of return for Jews, and cancel the symbols of the Jewish state.
    Response: Politely rejected the bill with the amazement that there has never been a rejection since the the 11th Knesset where unfortunately comparing it to opposite bill that would ensure Jewish nationalism proposed by Rabbi Meir Kahane.   These Arab MK’s shown in photos smiling

and outside of Israel..

  1. Hezbollah flags fly once again at London’s Quds Day March.
  2. The UK organization Medical Aid for Palestinians spreads antisemitic messages and funds NGO’s linked to the terrorist group Popular Front for Palestine.

Does anyone see a pattern of insanity in dealing with enemies in ones own borders ? The common denominator here is one simple avoided feared response that any normal nation state would have reacted . Not now but 70 years ago. You don’t leave your enemy inside your borders.  Doing so, has changed the narrative from an Arab fear after defeat to an emboldened state of strength to fight the hand that even feeds them.
Worse than that, not removing the enemy has demented the minds of the Jewish people who can’t see beyond further bowing and bending to justify our existence while we scramble to find more military solutions adding another layer of protection from the bombardment and spending so badly needed funds.

All Jews must remember and clearly articulate at all times….

  1. History proudly shows centuries of Arab hate and murder to Jews for no reason with no power. There has only been Arab rejection of Jewish existence from the outset. If tables were turned (and they were for 2000 years), how were kind intelligent and bowing Jews treated ? I only wish we had the same rule under Arabs throughout history, that they so enjoy under current Israeli sovereignty. Regardless, we happen to be the most humane of all people of the world in light of Arabs past and continued treatment to Jews.
  2. We don’t have to apologize. We indeed are a unique nation with a unique roll and this little piece of land that no empire or people could flourish is only our destiny. So we need to do G-ds will and make it a Jewish state more than any democracy. 
  3. No other people allows an enemy to be absorbed in their land to undermine their own existence. We’re actually absurd to let them live in Israel at all. We shouldn’t even be debating this, they aught not to be here at all. This is no different than German Nazi’s that weren’t allowed to live in Britain in the 1930’s. It’s simply common sense, but for Jews and Judaism it even transcends this.

Anything else but this truth is simply antisemitism.

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