How to Reply to Antisemitism

A perusal of today’s news will just make your head stand upside down and that’s exactly the situation.

  1. Underwater Hamas tunnels just found with estimations of many more. This at the heals of explosive kites launched from Gaza , and land terror tunnels developed in the last few years.  Gov’t Response: to build barriers
  2. Israelis suffer financial tourist losses in the Galilee and the South due to the terror attacks.  Government response: Lets give them tax breaks.
  3. MK’s Jamal Azbarga, Haneen Zoabi, and Goumbha Azbarga of the Balad Party in Israel’s Knesset (nightmare reality) presented a bill that would essentially make Israel cease to be a predominantly Jewish state , cancel the law of return for Jews, and cancel the symbols of the Jewish state.
    Response: Politely rejected the bill with the amazement that there has never been a rejection since the the 11th Knesset where unfortunately comparing it to opposite bill that would ensure Jewish nationalism proposed by Rabbi Meir Kahane.   These Arab MK’s shown in photos smiling

and outside of Israel..

  1. Hezbollah flags fly once again at London’s Quds Day March.
  2. The UK organization Medical Aid for Palestinians spreads antisemitic messages and funds NGO’s linked to the terrorist group Popular Front for Palestine.

Does anyone see a pattern of insanity in dealing with enemies in ones own borders ? The common denominator here is one simple avoided feared response that any normal nation state would have reacted . Not now but 70 years ago. You don’t leave your enemy inside your borders.  Doing so, has changed the narrative from an Arab fear after defeat to an emboldened state of strength to fight the hand that even feeds them.
Worse than that, not removing the enemy has demented the minds of the Jewish people who can’t see beyond further bowing and bending to justify our existence while we scramble to find more military solutions adding another layer of protection from the bombardment and spending so badly needed funds.

All Jews must remember and clearly articulate at all times….

  1. History proudly shows centuries of Arab hate and murder to Jews for no reason with no power. There has only been Arab rejection of Jewish existence from the outset. If tables were turned (and they were for 2000 years), how were kind intelligent and bowing Jews treated ? I only wish we had the same rule under Arabs throughout history, that they so enjoy under current Israeli sovereignty. Regardless, we happen to be the most humane of all people of the world in light of Arabs past and continued treatment to Jews.
  2. We don’t have to apologize. We indeed are a unique nation with a unique roll and this little piece of land that no empire or people could flourish is only our destiny. So we need to do G-ds will and make it a Jewish state more than any democracy. 
  3. No other people allows an enemy to be absorbed in their land to undermine their own existence. We’re actually absurd to let them live in Israel at all. We shouldn’t even be debating this, they aught not to be here at all. This is no different than German Nazi’s that weren’t allowed to live in Britain in the 1930’s. It’s simply common sense, but for Jews and Judaism it even transcends this.

Anything else but this truth is simply antisemitism.

Terror Strikes Again – Where is our Leadership to Remove the Enemy ?

Today Sunday Feb 28th, another Arab terrorist caught on camera. GRAPHIC VIDEO: Ax-wielding Palestinian terrorist attacks security guard. Saadi Ali Abu Hammad viciously attacks Tzika Cohen, who is fighting for his life. Here is what our leaders for decades has been minimizing and hiding.

Abu Hamad is believed to have entered Ma’ale Adumim legally with an Israeli-issued work permit.

Currently, Israel allows 84,000 Arabs from the Palestinian Authority to work in Israeli towns, including 26,000 in Judea and Samaria and 58,000 inside the Green Line. An additional 30,000 are believed to work inside the Green Line illegally.

Why aren’t we removing the terrorists from our country ? Because of silly fear of perception. Silly isn’t it ? Weak leadership. We the Jews pay the price.

Lets call on a united front to gather like minded sane Jews to unite and form a party that says no more enemies in our Borders. We’ve been massacred for thousands of years and now under our own sovereignty this will not continue.

Words to Engrave In the Hearts of Jews Everywhere

friends Israel
friends Israel

There are a tremendous amount of signs for this year 5776 as a year of Mashiach. Visit if you can understand Hebrew. It’s compelling information with authentic Torah sources. The list is too large to re-iterate but the year 5776 (our Hebrew date) is revealed in skip tables, inner gematriot, Pesukim all around tanach, comments by Gedolei Yisrael, Lunar and Solar events, current events etc..

Events are heated in Israel with now terrorism on the streets and Israeli news commentators at it explaining away how to resolve it. All of them give us the the same rhetoric of how to increase security for the citizens. The absurdity is we’ve been so far removed from acting normal and no one dare state we must remove the enemy from within us. The joke is, all the terrorists held Israeli citizenship. One worked for the Israeli phone company Bezeq for years . He rammed his vehicle into pedestrians to kill Jews.

Dormant for years only because there was no outlet. Just imagine if Israel was on the verge of a major loss in war over it’s state. Not for a minute would one single Arab with Israeli citizenship stand up for Israel’s dying defense. Israeli Arabs have been undermining the Jewish state from inception. They are now the 3rd largest political party in Israel ! the balance of power. Insane isn’t it. Not once do they agree or ascede to anything Israel stands for in Knesset. Always, but always complaining and demanding more for Arabs in Israel , all the while these same Arabs pay less taxes and grab more land unlawfully then any other Jewish citizen. So why do we give them citizenship ? All Israeli’s can think is defense but never removal. Even as terrorists strike, the Israeli Jew is reluctant to kill them, and in fact once neutralized (an Israeli favorite word) they are treated to health! Yes, this was the treatment  yesterday given to the bus terrorist in Ra’anana.  Absurd isn’t it. The situation is so absurd there are no words.  This Israeli culture is rooted in the minds and hearts of too too many Jews in Israel from all walks religious and non religious and it is completely against basic torah principles of inheriting our land and driving our enemies off it. It is against life principles to kill and not be killed and it is against חסד  principles which state if you’re kind to the cruel you are indeed being cruel to the kind. Above all it’s against just plain old common sense. Why ? Jews are riddled with fear to be different and fear of being alone as a result in the world community. Yes you all know the phrases. So the words we read in the Torah “עם לבדד ישכון” and “המבדיל בין ישראל לעמים” are only words we say in hiding but have no ביתחון loosly translated ‘faith’ to act these Jewish principles.

So here are the words that need to be engraved in the hearts and minds of every Jew

במדבר לג:נג, נה-נו

נג וְהוֹרַשְׁתֶּם אֶת-הָאָרֶץ, וִישַׁבְתֶּם-בָּהּ:  כִּי לָכֶם נָתַתִּי אֶת-הָאָרֶץ, לָרֶשֶׁת אֹתָהּ.

נה וְאִם-לֹא תוֹרִישׁוּ אֶת-יֹשְׁבֵי הָאָרֶץ, מִפְּנֵיכֶם–וְהָיָה אֲשֶׁר תּוֹתִירוּ מֵהֶם, לְשִׂכִּים בְּעֵינֵיכֶם וְלִצְנִינִם בְּצִדֵּיכֶם; וְצָרְרוּ אֶתְכֶם–עַל-הָאָרֶץ, אֲשֶׁר אַתֶּם יֹשְׁבִים בָּהּ.  נו וְהָיָה, כַּאֲשֶׁר דִּמִּיתִי לַעֲשׂוֹת לָהֶם–אֶעֱשֶׂה לָכֶם

Rashi, Sforno and the Or Hachaim are especially important to memorize the message and quote often.  I will translate their words time permitting later….

Important Causes to Support & Fight Against

1. Fight our own government to remove Arabs from Har Habayit, to salvage the remaining artifacts that have been deliberately destroyed by Muslims attempting to remove Jewish history. Insane isn’t it ?
On the 2nd side of the coin, institute freedom of Prayer by Jews anywhere Halachic authorities approve. As of this article, another Jew was actually arrested for praying Tehillim. Absurd ? absolutely.

2. Arab and Musim refugees from Syria are sworn enemies of Israel. Remember, Syria has attacked Israel in 1948 , 1967 and everthing in between and after with the sole intention to wipe Israel off the map. Now G_d has brought retribution to have them fight amongst themeselves , yet foolish liberal Jewish organizations such as the World Jewish Relief organization meant to bring relief to Jews and Jews alone is diverting Jewish money and resources to help our enemies !

Interesting to note, is Russia’s clandestine efforts to intensified naval excercises off the Syrian coast, having sent the largest Russian submarine equipped with nuclear warheads, along with anti-aircraft missile system, all the while denying any abnormal Syrian allied support !

▶ Israel 67 Years. Urgency for Jews to Make Aliyah to Israel

Israel is Born
Israel is Born

Israel is now 67 years old. Let’s step back and assess, and hopefully realize the window of time in a clear perspective. One thing is for sure, God does not sleep or slumber as he is watching over Israel. Get on the ban wagon now.

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Essential Jewish Ideals

Essential Jewish ideals are so desperately required after as a people we’ve suffered 2000 years in exile and have accustomed ourselves to foreign ideals and our brethren remain 80 -90% assimilated in thought let alone physically.

As a chosen people we’ve been commanded and demanded to keep the covenant. All the evil hardships that have befallen us as a people (and to an extent the world as the Jew is indeed at the focal point in heaven) has been a clear failure of the Jewish people to have kept and today to keep the covenant. So what is the covenant ? Keep the Torah in a strong , loud voice and action without fear and intimidation of “what will they say”. This fear has plagued and continues to plague the Jewish people. Jewish leaders in America are indistinguishable to their gentile counterparts and are sterile in action as American Jewry sinks into abismal assimilation of the mind and heart and of course physical existence. Here are two videos worth watching..

1) Some fundamental facts facing our dismal American Jewish world.


2) Here Rav Kahane in his early years lays out essential Jewish concepts and truths. The inaction of American Jewry, the fear of American Jewry and the failure of the Torah demands to care for our fellow Jews.

Conquer and Inherit the Land of Israel

To answer the above question – just think what would make the world correct.

Rabbi Kessen explains on Rosh Hashannah (google it) the world is evaluated as to where it is toward it’s goal of Tikkun Olam. I might add, this Tikkun is essentially the reconnecting of the world above (Shamayim) to Ha’aretz (see: Briyaat Ha’Olam). It is for this reason that R”H is celebrated by Jews only even though the world in it’s entirety is being evaluated and judged. It is the Jew that is to be in charge of connecting the two worlds closer to oneness. When we enter R”H it is really an evaluation of our status and where and what participation we want toward the universal goal of oneness of God and creation. What is our part?

For one thing, it is  incumbant as the Torah & Rambam write “to know G-d in all your ways”. This being the essential task of man and hence fits perfectly with the oneness of the end of days where earth and heaven unite. When you’ve done this you can be an influence to all around you without hesitation and without worry.

The above step will then compell you to act and here are some examples.

  1. If you live in Hutz La’aretz (outside of Israel). Come home. Make plans as it’s been some 67 years and over 100 – 2500 years in the making. We don’t need any more a clearer message from up high the process calls for the return of Jews home to Israel. The sheer power of recreating the unity of Jews begins physically that can then transpire in steps to unity of a nation’s soul. It is also the land where G-d promises the unity of his people with him through the land of Israel alone.
  2. When and if  you’re in Israel, you must calmly and collectively voice clearly all your thoughts and action toward achieving the goal of unity of heaven and earth.

Conquering and inheriting the land of Israel is a Torah commandment repeated over and over. So when we go out to war, we must do so to conquer and inherit the land that G-d wants to give us. So don’t settle for less in fulfilling G-ds will here. We’ve seen Israeli citizens couching and avoiding war at all costs. We see the clear commandment above and avoid it, so G-d has thrusted it upon us. We in turn didn’t get the message, and couched to the enemies asking for peace. A great gift G-d has done has been to instill the hate of nations on the Jewish people. For if it wasn’t so, who would stand up to say no, it’s a commandment to inherit the land regardless ? Rather we would have an overwhelming majority of Jews supporting and even demanding to have other nations live among us , integrate and assimilate in harmony. The result would be a full eventual assimilation and eradication of the Jewish people. If of course, nature would take it’s course. But the Jewish people are not a ‘natural’ people with no guidance.

Coming and living in Israel requires to shake of the shakles of the exile where we kept our heads low – and rightfully so – it was a requirement by God. Returning to the land requires the Jew today to remove all foreign influences of power and leave Jews with the fear of G-d and not man at the helm. This must be so, to attain the unity of heaven and earth.

It is difficult, since those in power are people fearing and not G-d fearing. I would humbly suggest, that if your inscripted to go to the army or children are, refuse. Refuse on the basis that you would love to fight for the country but to win only. Which means we don’t go to war with our hands tied behind our back worrying about our enemy and world opinion. Let it be heard in the media, that you want to fight and win, and not under a government who wants to commit suicide.  The peoples opinion to ask all foreign influences to peacefully surrender and live without political power under Jewish rule. A rule that will prohibit intermarriage and influence of foreign culture on the Jewish way – The Torah. If it’s unacceptable – fine, leave. If you want to wage war, fine then war it is and our response is a full force to eradicate the obvious enemy of God and the Jewish people and hence the world’s tikkun. That is true Hesed and Emet.

Ideally, to fulfill the commandment we should have arranged ourselves into an army of Jews from around the world to and inherit the land in 1900. Short of that, Herzl organized politically the Jewish people unknowning it was an explicit Torah commandment. No less, the orthodox Jews fought it !

Stage 2: In 1948 we could have insisited on the entire land of Israel politically or there would be war and with faith in G-d he will allow us to conquer & inherit the land.

Stage 3: While we sat quitely under partition forgiving our conquest and inheritance, G-d thrusted it upon us and in 1967 all armies attacked. So while we dug graves to prepare the inevitable death, we not only defended but what was thrusted upon us was the inheritance of the land of Israel with the return of Yerushalayim , Yehudah Veshomron.

Stage 4: At this point the message is crystal clear. It is our duty and command to fill this mitzvah of conquest and inheritance of the land.  The Arabs have now been succumbed by war. It’s time to conquer and establish the borders of Israel as per the Torah. We didn’t get the hint before and we saw it was well beyond our doing. But Noooo, instead we handed over the heart of Jerusalem the Har Habayit to the WAQF, we refused to drive out the inhabitants whose time has come to make way for her people and instead allowed them to stay with autonomy and slowly walked the path of fear to enter our conquered territory. The results devastating.  We reverse the will of G-d, instill weakness in our belief  in our G-d given land and of course G-d is upset with us.

Stage 4: While beating our hearts with triumph as if it were our own strength that won the war,  when it was nothing less than G-d’s forced action to awaken the Jews to conquer and inherit the land.  Arabs are emboldened given autonomy, spreading fear to enter their occuppied territory and the Jew slowly subsides and subdues itself. Citizenship and political power is given to Arabs in Israel  The cycle strengthens to the absurdity of Intifadah’s where Arabs are emboldened to want autonomy – something they never wanted – and so a clear sign from G-d – conquer and inherit the land – I’ve  told you many times, I’ve done it for you many times, now  do it ! Finish it, so there will remain some merit of your own !

But nooooo.. Jews fold once again in their own land to their own conquered enemy. So G-d clarifies it further. No peace, let them be emboldened some more, let them now ask for a country in Israel ! and while at the same time initiating war – Intifadah’s. Surely, the Jewish people will realize to conquer and inherit.  So Jews react with , give it to them !! Yes, the absurd turns insane, Jews desperately offer more and more land including parts of Jerusalem under Ehud Barak and the will of the people. G-d’s clear message is left unheeded. And G-d increases the heat with the message of 2nd and 3rd intensifying Intifadahs.

Unfortunately the pristine and clear message to conquer and inherit the land is not heard around the country. The overwhelming liberal voices are in control and the Torah commandment is buried. The Jewish people take it a step further in the opposite direction and now hands over full the Souther strip of Gaza to Palestinian authority. Jews are displaced from their land ! How is that for opposites ?  So G-d immediately reacts in kind and installs the Terror Hamas organization. So now the message is super clear. The reaction should be let’s begin the reversal of all our damage. Immediately we shall conquer the Gaza and expel and destroy Hamas completely. Then conquer and inherit the rest of the land by acceptance with the enemy or war – just as in the days of Joshua commanded directly by G-d. The clarity is pristine.

Yet, the Torah precept and G-ds will is unnacceptable at all costs. So G-d reacts in kind and rockets rain on Israel  – a clear sign of war. Of course the message is clear on what must be done, but Israel is stunned – dumbfounded and while under fire still clinging to their own preverse will against G-d’s –  not to conquer and inherit the land. All the lies promulgated would be enough to infuriate the most dovish of humans, but not our stiff necked people.  While we suffered losses in kidnappings, killings, linches, and every opportunity to show the will of the enemy acting on God’s command to awaken us, the Jews clung to their foolish mentality inherited by the nations of the world. (Despite that the world cared none for the Jews in exile). We swallowed falsehoods that it wasn’t humane to send them out of Israel for decades. So G-d made it clear and gave them 99.9% of the Middle East territory – so land can’t be it. Still clinging to the strong faith of the nations and not G-d. So let me create ISIS a country sprung up overnight with no outcry . So now all the worries that other countries wouldn’t accept them – is fully dispelled.

Where are the voices now to – let us conquer and inherit the land ?

It seems clear we run into a clear path of intensifying enemy and wars until we reach the conclusion of G-ds clear will to conquer and inherit the land of Israel even if it will be against our will. Unfortunately we’re losing all our merit to fulfill this most fundamental national commandment, while 1/2 the Jews are still lulled in the exile clueless to the real will and real struggle of the Jewish nation and our mission, the other 1/2 of the nation too are subdued in this reality to of the cry of G-d from up above “Conquer and Inherit the Land For I have given it to you and your children forever”

Israeli Myopia

Jewish Blood Tefillin
Jewish Blood

Frustrating beyond belief is not the deaths of each operation and kidnapping. It is the clear events and actions of our people that brought about those results.

So while we lick our wounds after every death, we do very little over the attempted botched enemy kidnapping and killings. It won’t be a few months before we hear the same BS rhetoric how Israel is strong, the people are strong, the IDF is strong. Bogus ! We’re not strong unless we can as a nation unanimously unite to wipe out our enemies with no mercy or remorse.

What brought about the consecutive operations and deaths in Gaza is the giving of Gaza to the Arabs. We focus on how they’ve destroyed all that was built by Jewish hands and our losses,  compensations and rebuilding given to those Jews. But far more important is the act to remove Jewish presence giving way for autonomy that created this deadly inferno. Where are all the peace activists comments who so strongly advocated Arab autonomy. Worse yet, where are the recourse in action to take back the lands and re-settle Jews. We’ve forgotten. We only showed our weakness to give in and give up. Now we pay the consequences with no recourse of action ? that’s ludicrous. The reason ? We’re afraid of what the world would say ? Have we gone mad ?

45 Soldiers died in operation protective edge as of today. Why ? because we sent our troops out in the worst possible scenario. We refused to bomb fully from air and sea. Then we refused to bomb without notice leaflets to the citizens – this allowing them to save arsenal, remove terrorists from building and trap soldiers on their way in to the area. Pilots expressed frustration when they couldn’t provide ample coverage by air to their fellow foot soldiers sent like ducks to Arab territory unknown to them , waiting in ambush by the expecting enemy. So all element of surprise was removed to top it off. Do you think we want to send our sons to battle under this type of leadership ? Rules and regulations of when one is allowed to fire and where until your life becomes a sitting duck’s nightmare. All for the sake of the enemy’s welfare ?

The Arabs have killed hundreds of children’s digging tunnels for their terror operation into Israel with no condemnation or remorse. Arab children in kindergarden being trained to wear explosive belts for suicide missions. The world lends a blind eye and shouts out the ludicrous and easy accusation to the civilized side to stop defending. It’s so much easier to tell civilized people to stop defense than to remove hatred and destroy terror’s culture. That’s so much harder and almost impossible.